Monetary Pyramid

Do you think the financial crisis that started in September 2008 is an isolated limited event or a prelude to a much more dramatic condition?

Note the Pages to the left. The Pages in their entirety is a thesis I have been writing about this subject. You can help by challenging my ideas and/or adding your own examples to re-enforce concepts you agree either in principle or more specifically. Thank you for your interest and participation.

M Mirsky

Happy New Year to everyone.

We are entering a new year but it seems that we have not moved very much in the past year towards any resolution in fixing the systemic problems that exist. We are capable of so much more than what has been demonstrated. The Conservative Right are intent on polarizing the discussion to a point that only that they make everything sound like class warfare - "Them vs Us". The Liberal Left throws out the notion that everything can me solved by throwing money at the problem without admitting the long term problems that are caused by this thinking. Worse yet long term in a much shorter period of time these days.

Regardless of whether you believe that the Euro will survive, the premise under which it was formed is feeling the strain of an flawed plan. A currency can not remain viable unless the governing body that controls fiscal responsibility acts fiscally responsible. A couple strong economies will not continue to support other irresponsible countries as is the case of the European Union. Especially if they do not feel an appropriate amount of pain for the actions. A system of checks and balances has got to be part of the process. Without this system, human nature will prevail. Take the easiest road out till you have a crisis. This seems to be the developing story in Europe and in the U.S.

M Mirsky


Its Super Bowl Sunday and I'm in Dallas. Just a coincidence. Despite frigid weather all week long, today is turning out to be a beautiful day. Have a great day all you sports fans.

On the other side of the world a Herculean event is unfolding. Egypt is throwing off a repressive regime for the hope and expectation of freedom. The central question for the rest of the world - is the outcome democracy and stability or a different flavor of tyranny? Once you open Pandora's box you are not sure what will pop out. Unfortunately, opportunities like this are rare when enough people are motivated to risk it all to stand out for what they believe. Egyptians and the rest of the world share one thing - we all hope that a government is formed that provides freedom and opportunity for a better life in Egypt.

Some people get caught in the trap that a particular form of government is going to be the best. That really depends on the leaders. Most leaders are self serving and covet control over the prosperity of the citizens. Even when a good government is formed it is constantly under attack by forces that are determined to undermine freedom by their self serving ways. Think about it. When you see representatives of the "people" try to distort the process in order to favor their way of thinking then they do not truly believe in freedom at all. It also begs the question - can an autocratic regime actually provide a better outcome for more people then a democratic one? Or does democracy always give the best outcome. At the end of the day you have to pick a choice and have faith in that choice.

Labels and theories do not really matter. The most important thing for the Egyptians is to have a better life. So the real question is what would improve their chances for that to happen? The Egyptians need a voice for the people that has an understanding of the Egyptian mentality and a vision of how to form a government that will ensure stability and provide a framework for prosperity. A tall order.

There are a few realities that will jeopardize success - overpopulation, limited natural resources , a volatile environment and impatience. Strong leadership will be needed to overcome all the obstacles. However, most of all they need to pick for themselves core principles that align their needs with longer term goals. I am not suggesting they they adopt the America's political system, however, the process that yielded our system is easy to recommend. Hopefully some real leaders will emerge that have many constructive rigorous debates that find the right balance.

The strengths of the Egyptian people need to be mentioned also. They have a proud long history of civilization, an enviable attitude towards embracing their neighbors for peace and courage to make a dramatic change. They should leverage these strengths to overcome the obstacles and the forces that would ultimately limit their chances for success.

All the best to the Egyptians. I hope sanity prevails.

M Mirsky

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