Introduction to Website

This website is devoted to discussing topics that are of significant importance to most Americans and many people worldwide. It explores root causes and promotes conversation so we can make better decisions in the future. We may choose to ignore some issues but they may not ignore us. Communications travel around the world in seconds now. We can speed ideas to millions of people in seconds.

Supply chains are globally integrated. At the same time we are all in competition for the same resources and many are very limited. Covid-19 pandemic illustrates the fragility of supply chains; global interconnectivity; the speed of transmission; and the consequence of avoiding the obvious.

Climate change has and will continue to affect every part of the world. Politics and science are colliding. Short-term political motivations are in conflict with prudent longer term mitigation and preparedness. Our technology provides faster warnings about approaching storms and tornados but it cannot stop them. It is always better to prevent a problem before it happens.

We are not powerless. Policies and electing the right leaders will either provide a better future or accelerate the problems. If you don’t understand the issue then you cannot pick the right leaders or support the right policies. I am taking positions in the articles. Agree or disagree. It is not good enough just to complain. The point is to provide solutions. If you don’t agree, state why and how you would solve the issue.

Thank you for your time and effort to participate in these conversations.